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Taking the Cause of Safe Cycling to the Streets of London

Blog post   •   Jun 02, 2016 08:00 GMT

We've touched upon the subjects of storytelling and scalability, and how these come together to create campaigns that make your brand values come alive in a bigger way. I would now like to flesh out how we've done this in the campaign we've prepared for Mynewsdesk and Hövding: The 100 Million Reach Challenge.

We've based our storytelling around social purpose. We think that connecting the benefits of your business to a higher cause for more people than direct customers translates into better business. Now, what's s a higher purpose than aligning with people who agree with you and want to change the world for the better? There is none. You could see it clearly at this year's Super Bowl. Companies paid millions for a few seconds of ad time, but the only thing people talked about was Beyoncé raising her fist. Political agenda is here to stay.

That is why we talked to Hövding about taking the cause of safe cycling to the streets of London and eventually to the very inbox of the Mayor of London.

We've applied a layer of tech to enable political interaction from where the frustration stems – on and from the actual bike. The final solution you'll have to wait for and see in the campaign. However, I can tell you that this campaign gives the bike bell a whole new meaning.

For the initiative to mean something in the long run and just not ebb out as a spoof, we've drawn it up together with the London Cycling Campaign. They are a 12,000-strong membership organization pushing for safer cycling in London. This way the campaign stays with them afterward and facilitates for greater dialogue between them and the Office of Transportation.

We will also tell our story in a film explaining the initiative with the help of a few London cyclists and a ten-year-old who´s practicing to ride his bike safely enough to get along.

The new Mayor of London needs to keep his promises regarding greater cycling infrastructure. We’ve created one big reminder, and it will be visible on the streets of London and on global news from June 7th.

I hope you'll enjoy the show. Moreover, get involved!

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