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​Save Time with Networking

Blog post   •   Jul 14, 2016 08:00 GMT

Looking to quickly update your audience? PR professionals are swamped with work, with 84% working across more areas than ever before. Are you in the same boat? Look for ways to offload that burden now.

Use tools that will make you more efficient. Choose something that allows you to send updates, publish online and analyze all in one place. Instead of posting to your website, sending an email through Outlook, and then needing to log in to Google Analytics to measure reach, use an all-in-one PR platform like Mynewsdesk.

Get Your Message Out to Your Network

In this post, we will look at how you use the Network feature in Mynewsdesk. The benefit with Network is that you can quickly update your audience and contacts with all new posts and press releases in your newsroom. You can target your list of contacts in addition to the followers of your newsroom and, to top that off, analyze reach.

How to work with Network

  1. Go to Network and then Lists
  2. Create new lists
  3. Name list, e.g. ‘Give a beep.'
  4. Click on List and then click Import contacts to this list
  5. Import either a CSV file or plain text
  6. Copy and paste all email addresses in text area, then click next
  7. Select the list or create a new one, click next
  8. Publish new press release or blog post
  9. Under Distribution, click the list you would like to send the email to

Look at the video below to see the steps.

Make your network feel special – send them news before publishing it

When using send message in Mynewsdesk, you are able to deliver custom messages to your list of contacts and attach drafts – news that is not yet published, but you would like to share. By doing this, you can provide first-hand information before your story goes out to the world. It is a neat trick if you are sending material under embargo or offering an exclusive to some selected journalists.

In Hövding’s newsroom, we used Network and informed journalists before and during the campaign, getting loads of great media coverage in outlets like The Washington Post, The Evening Standard, Mashable, and others.

Use Analyze to understand who you’re influencing

To see who opens your emails and clicks on the links, use Analyze. In this way, you will see who you are getting the most traction from and who you may need to re-kindle.

For example, journalists who open your emails and click links are the ones who are showing interest. The subject line of your email has gotten their attention, and they are acting by clicking. Follow up and see if they have covered your news story. And if they have not, find out why. Overall, they should be regarded as the low hanging fruit – so focus your efforts on them first.

Regarding journalist who do not open your emails, try experimenting with different subject lines, or even various types of news. If the journalist still does not show any interest, try to start the conversation with a call.

Another brilliant tip is to go to Explore, review media hits and add people who have written about you to certain lists under Network – by doing so, you increase your number of relevant contacts and can nurture relationships by offering exclusives.

If you want to save time and money with your PR efforts, Mynewsdesk is the tool for you. Sign up for a free trial today - click here

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