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100 Million Challenge Taking Shape

Blog post   •   Apr 28, 2016 14:40 GMT

Three weeks ago Hövding was revealed as the winner of the 100 Million Reach Challenge. Ever since, Mynewsdesk and Edelman Deportivo have been doing intense creative work. Our goal is to reach 100 million people by telling the Hövding story.

Mynewsdesk announced at the beginning of March that it would be giving away a free campaign to one lucky company. Our goal is to reach 100 million people by telling an exceptional company story.

Hundreds of qualified companies applied to the challenge. After careful consideration, Hövding, a Sweden-based company known for developing an airbag helmet for cyclists, was selected as the winner.

Why Hövding?

“They have a promising and innovative product but expanding globally is a challenge,” said Sofia Juhlin, Head of Global Marketing Communication & Brand at Mynewsdesk. “It is a journey that we, at Mynewsdesk, would love to help and to be a part of. The product actually saves lives, and that makes our challenge even more compelling and important.”

Once Hövding was selected, an intense period with creative agency Edelman Deportivo started. We needed to develop and ensure that Hövding’s campaign would be ready for launch mid-May. We will also document the whole campaign process from creation, launch to evaluation, in our campaign-specific newsroom, but also in Hövding’s own communication channels.

Hövding is a longtime Mynewsdesk customer and experienced users of the tool. Anna Katarina Skogh, Marketing Manager at Hövding, said the marketing team is also looking forward to getting some extra guidance and increased insight on how to use the full potential of the Mynewsdesk digital PR platform.

For us, at Mynewsdesk, reaching 100 million people will be an amazing feat.

“We are always encouraging our customers to challenge themselves while telling their stories and now we are being bold in our own way. The campaign is now in the final stages of the planning phase and we are both excited and nervous to launch it,” said Juhlin.

Why is Hövding's message important?

“Our story is about bringing the positive effects of cycling to life. We believe that the people that choose cycling today as a transportation are heroes and we want to protect them,” said Anna Katarina.

Watch the interview below with Anna Katarina Skogh, Marketing Director at Hövding.

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